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Feeling dejected and betrayed, Kate decamps from London to Cornwall with her young daughter Isabella. There, she has grand intentions for self-sufficiency and to live the quiet life of a hermit artist. But will Cornwall let her be? The distractions are many, not least of all in the forms of handsome but arrogant Lance, dangerously sexy surfer Gabe and charming, loveable Jem. On top of which her past ties keep tracking her down and intruding on her solitude. The universe, it seems, will not so readily allow her to run away and hide, and what’s more, it wants something back… Ocean waves and quantum waves collude in a timeless landscape to decide the most probable outcome…will Kate be able to resist?

The Wreck is Part One of a 170,000 word novel A Sea-Change, soon to be followed by the release of Part Two: The Turning Tide and Part Three: Something Rich and Strange

The Turning Tide Cover 26th Aug 15                  Something rich cover 30th Aug 15

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