Hard Times in Newquay (if you’ve got long hair)


I tweeted a link to this some time last year and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, so here it is again on the blog.  Still makes me smile.  Oh Newquay, if only you knew…

7 thoughts on “Hard Times in Newquay (if you’ve got long hair)

  1. I remember those times well, I used to go camping on the North Cornish coast in the sixties and that was quite often the attitude of the locals then (Yes I did have long hair!) I think the clip was actually a bit later than 1960 though.Albertspanner.

  2. Hey there! It’s amusing (now) that there should be any objection to such decent (whatever that means) young people who are only trying out a bit of freedom and doing no harm; goes to show how far we’ve come from such conservative views I guess. The date came with the clip, I hold no responsibility!I trust your memories are more good than bad.

  3. No to the camping though even after all this time the locals still dont quite know what to make of me…….! Though I do get respect for my business.

  4. That’s so funny! My dad came down to Newquay in 1960, had long hair and hung out with Wizz. I think Porthmeor in St. Ives was another favourite place ….

  5. Brilliant Mel! Recently saw an old clip of Donovan and other beatniks at Porthmeor, perhaps your dad was one of them?…. Funny enough Porthmeor a favourite haunt of mine. And er, I’ve got long hair…. ; )

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